Sunday, 1 January 2017

Bank Holiday a day of such luck

Last night I cheated, I cut corners with my bedtime skin care routine and will probably end up paying for it in the days ahead.  Although disposable face wipes appear to take away most traces of make-up, all they actually do is move the dirt around your face.  However, when you've had a late night and the last thing you want to do involves a further 15 minutes delaying your beauty sleep.  I suggest you purchase (whilst their in stock) Lacura Caviar face cleansing wipes £1.79 for a packet of 25 and sold by Aldi.  

I convince myself that by using two of these wipes as opposed to just one, I'm attempting to remove a little more  make-up than I did first time round.  I know,  I'm fooling myself but its late and I'm tired.   I then follow with Lacura Intensive Treatment Oil, a 3ml capsule of which 20 drops in the palm of your hands is more than sufficient.  My night cream is a favourite of mine, one which was purchased during Aldi's special buys events but unfortunately has not returned, Lacura Clear Effect night cream £2.99.  This cream is for adult blemished skin for mild to moderate acne and does the job when my skin decides to churn out some of the impurities that its had to deal with during the week.

Later on this evening, I'll have to step up my routine, if I want my blemishes to look reduced before I go back to work on Tuesday.

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