Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year's Day and still counting

So here it is New Year's Day 2017 and I'm sat in my living room looking at my partner of nearly 10 years and thinking that something has to change.  If not him, then it has to be me, the change involves opening up my world to those of you that maybe interested in finding affordable beauty products.  Skin care products that actually work and won't involve you having to pay above the odds for something that is going to enhance your beauty regime and get your friends asking how much does it cost? or where can I get it from?  Have I got your attention yet?  Do you still need convincing?  Am I wasting my time? If you've answered yes to two at least two of these questions, then I only ask that you keep an open mind.  Along the way I'll invite you to explore some of my skin successes and disasters that you may find of some interest.

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