Tuesday, 3 January 2017

I'm not letting go

My partner has no idea what I am doing, he knows that I use a lot of products and that I'm always trying out some new beauty treatment but he never tells me that I should stop. If he did I wouldn't listen to him anyway, the point is everyone has a vice of some sorts and I guess mine is about getting quality at a fraction of the cost that others would want to pay. 

For years, I've have only ever used brand named products. I have lived and breathed Clinique for approximately 18 years but when my skin started to change as soon as I hit my 30's in that I was prone to several outbreaks some would even call, mild adult acne.   I figured that I wasn't really getting what I was paying for, so at the age of 39 I decided to take my skin care routine into unknown territory.  I began by researching a beauty product called Lacura that I discovered could be purchased from my local Aldi store.  I then plucked the courage to do a few skin patch tests to see if I would react to any of the ingredients and four years later I haven't looked back.

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