Sunday, 15 January 2017

Bearded lady

For the last couple of weeks, I've been researching the different types of grooming products available for men.  I've discovered a product called By My Beard and have got a number of men who are sporting different styles of beards at varying lengths to test the products for me and the results are pretty impressive.  The products include a Beard Shampoo, Beard Conditioner/Moisturiser and Beard Oil.  So what's the difference between these products and what's already out there.  Its all in the price and in addition to this as well as using these products I've asked them to all start taking Omega 3. In just over the week, their complexion has improved and their beard is looking great.  

These 3 products are available from on my SkinProducts4u page and cost £8.50 for all 3.  So if you know someone who has a beard that needs a little TLC then what are you waiting for? Make that introduction and make it happen.

By My Beard - Beard Shampoo 300ml

The Shampoo is made up of selected skin & hair conditioners that have been combined with tea tree oil, a great anti-bacterial.  This will keep your beard clean, soft and manageable and at the same time help to soothe your skin as your beard is growing.

By My Beard - Beard Conditioner & Face Moisturiser 300ml

This wonderful lotion is suitable for all facial hair which includes your 5 o'clock shadow, extended goatee through to your full on beard.  The menthol will reduce any irritation that might occur during those awkward stages of hair growth, whilst the essential oils provides moisture throughout the day.  The Moisturiser can be applied as part of your daily routine and will care for the skin at the base of your beard whilst helping to soften it at the same time.

By My Beard - Beard Oil 30 ml

1-2 drops of this conditioning oil warmed in the palms of your hands is all that is required for your beard hair and skin.  The oil absorbs quickly and leaves a pleasant fragrance, that smells really good.

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