Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Out of your comfort zone

As my quest for affordable high street products continues, I manage to find something for my partner.  

Lacura GentleMan's Skincare kit, which includes a 15 ml revival serum and 24 hr hydro cream. This costs £12.99 for the complete set so I thought that I would try just one as he has very sensitive skin and often reacts to the most subtle of fragrances.  

However, this one seems to be a winner, the only problem is trying to get him to understand that less is more.  You only need to use a couple of drops of the serum as 15mls doesn't really go a long way but the 24hr hydro cream is incredible and  feels luxurious to the touch.  If the truth be known I think my partner prefers the cream to the serum but he has agreed to give them both a go, for how long who can tell? 

Once he has applied both of these products his skin looks a lot less tired than it use to and the area around his facial stubble seems a lot more smoother than it did.  When I return to Aldi, I notice that the cost of the product has reduced to £4.99, so what do I go and do? Purchase another 5, I hope he uses them.

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